Profesional Organizing Service

Organizing Services

Maids on Call provides personalized service, a professional attitude, and solutions to all of your home & office organizing need. Home organizing- hands-on organizing for any space in the home: closets, kitchen, pantry, laundry room, toys, playroom, nursery, paper/filing systems, bedrooms, living room

Office organizing- organizing solutions for home based offices and small business owners desk/work area, maximizing space, small filing systems, office supplies. Living in a disorderly household or office negatively impacts you and everyone around you in four major ways: Time, Money, Health and Safety.

We can liberate you from the burdens of your chaos in a matter of Hours. We know that organizing your home can be quite a daunting task, especially if the thought of having to get organized makes you want to turn your back on the space! We are here to help you.

We believe you deserve help and we hope you believe you are worth it. We make organizing your home fun and rewarding. Climb out from clutter and chaos! Make your home visually peaceful, functional and comfortable. Maids on Call can help you organize closets, bookcases, cabinets, bathrooms your home office, and more.

Price: We charge per Hour per Person

Minimum 4 Hours. Call for details